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Hufflepuffs are particularly good finders, and Lucy found Narnia first.

i knew it all the time


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Can we talk about Sarabi for a moment? Because it seems as though many people underestimate/forget about her. Which is a pity.

Because this is one BAMF lion.

Her husband is dead. Her son is supposedly dead. Her husband’s brother brought hyenas into the Pride Lands and they ultimately destroyed the land.

And yet she does not look down. She does not dip her head. She stands her ground as she walks down a long line of ravaging hyenas who bite and leer at her. She keeps her head high. Even as she faces Scar, she ultimately keeps her head high and even tells Scar off.


All hail the goddamn Queen of Pride Rock







At my apartment, we take leftover pizza very seriously.

Nobody can figure out who’s stealing all the leftovers.

They have a system, okay, and Bruce spent a lot of time on the color-coded sorting method, and you don’t take other people’s food, but someone is doing it.

So, instead of mentioning to the others, as a rational team would do, they take matters into their own hands.

Tony wants to make a complicated booby trap, but realizes just how badly Pepper will yell at him, so he just puts a complicated technological lock on the gold-tinted tupperware designated as his.

Steve leaves a strongly worded note on the blue-tinted tupperware, with very detailed and specific threats. Pepper sees the note when getting milk for her coffee, and immediately decides to pretend she didn’t so she’s not liable if the threats are carried out.

Natasha’s leftovers just vanish from the fridge, and nobody can figure out where she hid them.

Clint mostly just sits in front of the fridge, glaring at anyone who dares to come near it.

Bruce just leaves a sticky note: “Taking my food will make me angry. You won’t like me when I’m angry.”

Thor balances Mjolnir on top of his food.

Loki rigs his to explode if anyone besides him touches it.

Come the next morning, it’s all gone. Every last scrap. Natasha’s is gone from wherever she hid it as well, if her stormy expression is anything to go by.

Breakfast is awkward, to say the least. 

“Okay, look,” Steve finally says. “Just whoever ate the food, fess up and we can move on.”

Nobody says anything.

*   *   *   

“I put a camera up last night,” Tony says, dressing gown flowing behind him like a cape as he storms dramatically into the kitchen a few mornings later. “Now, we’ll finally know.”

They crowd around the kitchen counter, staring intently at the monitor. 

“Nothing, nothing,” Tony mutters, fast forwarding the tape. “Nothing, more nothing—hang on—”

“Is that Coulson?” Natasha asks, incredulous. 

“Goddamn, it is,” Steve says, shocked. “I think he’s sleepwalking.”

They sit there in silence for a few minutes, watching Phil blatanly disregard their signs and disable their traps. 

Finally, Bruce breaks the silence. “Was I the only one that didn’t know Phil lived here?”




“I had no idea.”

“Not a clue.”

“I was not aware.”

“Pepper!” Tony shouts. “Did you know Coulson lived here?”

“He moved in three weeks ago,” Pepper says as she enters the kitchen. “For superheroes, you’re all fairly unobservant.”

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i feel as if though i can cross this off my metaphorical bucket list

… How did Phil remove Mjolnir from on top of the food?

Phil is worthy to have the power of Thor, obviously.

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are dean and cas in love? (read the full analysis here)

‘Set aside all the killing people or not killing people or whatever, and you’re left with this: Amy is a supernatural being that Sam fell in love with as a child. More importantly, from Dean’s perspective:Amy is a supernatural being that Sam once fell in love with when he was too stupid to know not to. Dean knows that no matter how innocent she seems, Amy is a snake in the grass. She’s dangerous. And by killing Amy, Dean thinks he’s doing Sam a favor. Sam’s blinded by nostalgia, Dean thinks, and so it’s up to Dean to do what must be done. 

This is a pretty obvious projection on Dean’s part of his feelings about what Cas did to him. Cas seemed innocuous, and Dean trusted him. But then Cas broke Sam’s wall, opened the door to Purgatory and unleashed the Leviathan. Cas, by virtue of being a supernatural being, is and always was dangerous, and Dean forgot it. He let his feelings cloud his judgment, and now everyone must pay the price.

Here’s why I really emphasized all that stuff about A plots and B/C plots earlier, because without understanding how the A plot mirrors the C plot and vice versa, you’re missing out on what this episode is really trying to tell you.

Basically, the A plot in this episode (the Amy storyline) acts as a reflection of the C plot (Dean’s grief), in which Dean realizes that Cas is the supernatural being that he fell in love with when he was too stupid to know not to. And so by killing Amy, Dean is attempting to retroactively fix that mistake with Cas.’

Waywardism has an eye for details that even I, armed with my fine tooth comb, have missed. I mean, look at this: “No matter how hard you try, you are who you are.” AUGH. How did I miss the parallelism of that line with “The angels just don’t have the equipment to care; when they try, it just breaks them apart”. How?

I just got a chill down my spine. Now I wish I’d spent as much time on this episode as it really deserved.

Love it.


WAIT. I’m going to put aside my instinctive red-rage reaction to any mention of Amy (because she had to die, but serial-killing witches two episodes later get to live, because reasons) and move on to a significant point this could raise.

Because if Amy was a Cas stand-in, does that mean, that when Dean was dreaming about Cas going into the lake, and then he dreamed about killing Amy…was that some kind of repressed guilt-thing? Like Dean felt responsible for Cas’ death (because he always feels responsible for everything, he feels like he should have done/said different things, etc) and those were the two people he felt horrible about killing, but if Amy was really Cas then…I need to lie down.


six strangers with nothing in common but having to share their saturday at beacon hills highschool in detention. with orders from the outlandish assistant principal finstock that they are not allowed to move, talk or sleep for the entire and everything will be cream cheese.  leaving the teenagers unsupervised mostly for the duration of their stay. the kids develop ways to pass the time and as the hours pass between the group. they gradually start to open up to each other. from allison and stiles being ashamed about being virgins to derek being an orphan after his entire family was burned to death to lydia unexplained disappearance and how she thinks it could be related to wolves, maybe, to jackson not feeling good enough for his foster parents and scott feeling like he can’t handle everything on his plate. these things bond them together but they worry, will they be friends after today?

“why wouldn’t you want me to know you’re a virgin?”
“because it’s my business, my personal business, derek.”
“well, stiles, it doesn’t sound like you’re getting any business.”
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abc’s of teen wolfabs

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Teen Wolf Season 3 Posters  STEREK










I have this headcanon where Steve’s son is born with his original health maladies and wants to grow up to be just like his dad - and Steve is confronted with all these feelings of inadequacy as a father because he realizes his son can’t grow up to be like him. But no kid will probably ever be better protected from bullies, considering who all his uncles are. It’s probably just a matter of time before Uncle Tony builds him some really sweet replacement braces (“Should they have spinning rims? I feel like they should have spinning rims.”)

oh my god


“Don’t be such a sour-wolf”



#you know it’s entirely possible that she would still be alive just very very old #i have a headcanon that at some point steve gets fury to look her up and finds out she’s in an old folks home and she’s lonely #she did get married after the war and had kids and grandkids but they don’t really take care of her or stay in touch with her#and in her old age she’s gone back to thinking about him and the war and the romance that never had a chance to happen #and then one day a nice young man in a suit named phil comes and talks to her #and very gently breaks it to her and explains everything and says steve would like to visit #and although she’s completely shocked she manages to say yes #so steve comes over and he brings flowers and chocolate and some old glenn miller records #and after the tears and the talking they finally have their ‘date’

Steve helps hold her up, and they finally have that Dance. it’s Steve’s first. It’s Peggy’s last.

“I like that I stick out. I was watching ‘Valentine’s Day’ on the plane recently. I have a tiny part in that movie. I was watching all the women — Jessica Biel, and Emma Roberts, and Jennifer Garner and Julia Roberts. They are gorgeous women, and I don’t want to take anything away from them, but they all do have a very classical look, with a very thin nose. I’m watching this parade of these faces and then, boom, it was my face, and I was taken aback. I was like, ‘Oh, my nose is so big!’ I have never in my life thought I had a big nose, but, well, there it was. The first time I was on TV, on ‘Flight of the Conchords,’ someone put up a YouTube clip and said, ‘You’re too ugly to be on TV.’ And I was like, ‘That is exactly why it’s a good thing that I’m on TV.’”